Adult Education

The GLAD project aims to empower adults, adult carers, as well as adult educators in terms of the proper and effective digital education of children, through improving the level of digital literacy of adults and parents. This will be achieved by creating a safe pattern of training for parents that focuses on the relation between parents and children in digital technology usage, defining an overall framework of education to enhance the possibilities given by ICT, and creating an app that can be used as a space where to have ready-to-go suggestion materials according to different everyday life situations.

In line with the most advanced processes in the world of makers, Arduino, 3D printers, digital manufacturing, and 4.0 industry, the project ‘Refitting Machine’ aims to provide high-quality digital skills and encourage entry or return to the workforce. To achieve these goals, the partnership has identified a specific field of intervention: the recovery of obsolete machinery through Arduino.

The WIN on-line: Women In ActioN project aims to empower women e-entrepreneurship, with special focus on unemployed women over 40 years old, who are facing difficulties to enter or re-enter the labour market and want to become e- entrepreneurs. The project will support the individualised needs of this target group, by helping them to create their own e-business according to their needs, priorities and capacity.

The aim of TEA 4 SENIORS is to foster the digital literacy and understanding of the digital world among low-skilled or low-qualified senior citizens and their educators through an effective methodology, so they can improve their capacity to communicate, share, interact, learn and access to up-to-date information in today’s digital world by using ICT devices and internet.

Over the last decades, there have been numerous major social changes (digitalisation, automation, robotisation, globalisation) that affect both people’s private lives and the needs of the labour market. However, not everyone is following such rapid pace, thus becoming excluded from lifelong learning and new opportunities. At the same time, adult educators and relevant professionals may not be familiar with the phenomenon of low literacy, the characteristics of low literate people, the way their jobs are being affected, and how this target group learns better. Therefore, all of the above should be reflected in literacy programmes targeting low-skilled people and adult educators.

Digital Wood Artisan is an Erasmus+ project that aims to disseminate good practices at European level through the training of trainers that can provide innovative skills about the wood sector, to disadvantaged learners with innovative, effective and consolidated methodologies.

The OpenMakers - Open Data e-learning platform and digital tools for participatory decision making project aims to broaden ICT competences creating sustainable and needs-focused learning patterns, enabling non-profits/public bodies/informal ICT groups to act at local level through open data interpretation and management.

The R.E.NewAL. SKILLS -⁠ Real Estate New Alternative Skills - project aims to define and promote a new set of knowledge, skills and competencies for Real Estate occupations. The main objective is to tackle a specific skills gap by integrating Health & Wellbeing knowledge in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) of Real Estate Managers for the development of innovative and profitable solutions in Workplace Management.

This project aims to build capacity in training organisations and improve their ability to deliver high quality and relevant digital skills training by improving staff competences and through the formulation of digital competency frameworks to be used as the basis for developing appropriate digital training programmes, learning resources and tools to promote innovative blended training strategies in adult education.

The project seeks to contribute to the empowerment of adult educators with knowledge and skills necessary for a greater involvement of low-skilled and low-qualified people into lifelong education through effective outreach, guidance and motivation.

The project Pro.Women - Proposals and Strategies for Women Entrepreneurs is an Erasmus + project, which aims to contribute to the development economic and social development of territories, through the promotion and strengthening of entrepreneurship.

The aim of the project “Developing EU through online innovation” is to analyze the labor market needs in each partner country in order to identify the emerging professions and adult learners' needs, to create a transnational report on the training needs, to create 7 digital online training courses following the analysis of the training needs, to improve the content and delivery of adult education, to provide adult educators with a set of creative and critical thinking strategies to use in adult learning contexts by creating a manual on how to develop the following themes in adult education:


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