Statement of Policy Quality

The staff of the Eurosuccess Consulting realizes, embraces and promotes the principles of quality management in all offered services. Our main concern is the processing of our activities in such a way, that the satisfaction of the client is first and foremost ensured, as well as the continuous improvement of the efficacy of the services of our organization.

The management of our organization is committed to adopting all necessary measures, in order to adopt and satisfy all the objective requirements for quality management. It communicates to the staff the importance and practical applications of the system, through frequent training as well as general updating.

The philosophy of our organization is found in the following four principles: Execution, Review, Improvement, Redesign. Through this approach, Eurosuccess Consulting aims at continuous improvement of its advisory and development activities. For this reason our organisation inspects and reviews the system frequently.

Eurosuccess Consulting  is pursuing, through communication and discussion with its customers and collaborators, so as to ensure compliance with objective principles of quality. The organization is also seeking to develop collaboration with organizations that have proven to adhere to principles of quality in all of their processes.

Basic principles of our organization for its advisory and development activity are honesty, immediacy and technical expertise. Main consultant and development carrier of Eurosuccess Consulting is quality.