Educational platforms

Refitting Machine

Description: The Refitting Machine ICT Tool test assess participants’ knowledge and starting skills, by diagnosing competence gaps and proposing an indication of areas needed for improvement. The tool will generate a standardized competency profile and indicate an individual training path, particularly recommended to individuals interested in STEM education. View the ICT Tool…


Pro Learn

Description: The PRO-LEARN project responds to the Europe 2020 priorities in the area of education and training, youth and early school leaving in the context of globalization and labour market integration. As EC stated in its communication on tackling early school leaving & COM(2011) 18 final, education and training systems often do not provide sufficient targeted support for pupils to cope with emotional, social or educational difficulties and to remain in education and training. View the training exercises…


Inside Stem

Description: This project aims at strengthening STEM skills for the blind in consortium countries and other European countries, through developing the necessary intellectual and tangible outputs for the visually impaired students, as well as their teachers, so as to motivate them create STEM based projects and improve technology and digital skills, while favoring opportunities for participation, social inclusion and interaction with their classmates. It also aims at diffusing best practices developed not only in countries with a long tradition in inclusion education, but even in those less developed in this educational area, via the creation of a handbook and an …



Description: DWA is a project that aims to disseminate good practices at European level through the training of trainers that can provide innovative skills about the wood sector, to disadvantaged learners with innovative, effective and consolidated methodologies. View training platform…


Building Better

Description: The Building Better project includes youth organizations, organizations active in the field of arts and culture, training institutions, and local authorities in Germany, Cyprus, Italy, and Greece. Its main aim is to reinforce cross-sectoral cooperation with a focus on creativity and cultural awareness and social participation of youth and support youth workers, artists, and policymakers to find creative and innovative solutions to the new challenges that the pandemic has brought and improve the quality of support systems for youth on a local, national and European level.   Building Better Webinar



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