Our Team

Giorgos Giorgakis

Managing Director

Giorgos Giorgakis is the founder and Managing Director of Eurosuccess Consulting. He has graduated from the European University of Cyprus, with a Master Degree (MBA) in Business Administration in July 2008. He has developed, managed and implemented more than 90 EU and National projects (FP, LLP, JUSTICE, ERASMUS +, COSME, RIF etc.) Mr Giorgakis is also the Coordinator of the VET and training activities for Eurosuccess, which is accredited as VET Center by the Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus – the relevant public authority as regards to training and education. As regards to the participation of professional bodies and associations at EU level, Mr Giorgakis is the National Representative for Cyprus, at European Forum of Vocational Education and Training (EfVET). Under this capacity, Mr Giorgakis is actively participating into various working groups, trainings, events and conferences contributing in this way to the development of the EU strategies as well as supporting all relevant organizations, in Cyprus and abroad.

Katerina Markidou is a Business Development Consultant. She is an MBA holder from the University of Nicosia and she also has a bachelor degree in Sociology from Panteion University, specializing in criminology, crime prevention, drug abuse (laws and policies), sociology development, sociology of education and education. She has previously worked for the Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus, specifically on national recruitment funded schemes for unemployed and young people. She has been actively involved in the preparation and implementation of funding programs and other opportunities for SMEs and Organizations, mainly in the development and training of Human Resources, through research and innovative programs. She is also responsible for the preparation of financial reports of the European programs in which the company participates as well as for the various certifications of the organization. Katerina, is managing different dissemination activities of the organization, including the frequent update of various websites of the organization.

Katerina Markidou

Business Development Consultant

Rafaela Orphanides

Head of Calls and Tenders

Rafaela Orphanides is the Head of  the Proposals and Tenders department. She obtained her PhD in Media, Culture and, Communications from Loughborough University, UK. She also holds a Master’s degree in Media and Public Relations from Leicester University, UK and a Bachelor’s degree in Preschool education from University of Cyprus. Rafaela has extensive experience from Universities in the UK and Cyprus in developing and teaching modules at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels in a multitude of areas including Media, Communication and Culture. Moreover, Rafaela has experience in the design, development, defense, and implementation of Programmes of study which follow International high standards and are in accordance with the Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education’s (CYQAA) guidelines. Her research has been externally recognised for its research quality and parts of it are due to be published in high-quality Scopus Journals and Books. Her previous work experience along with her participation in relevant seminars and trainings allowed her to develop and enhance her research, communication and team-player skills. Rafaela is fluent in Greek and English, while she also has a good command of the French language.

Vasiliki Vogiatzi is a Project Manager and Researcher. She has graduated from the Faculty of Primary Education of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and now she is attending a Master’s in European Policies on Youth, Entrepreneurship, Education and Culture at the University of Macedonia. Also, she has done her internship at UNESCO and Jean Monet Chair of University of Macedonia, about Intercultural Policy, and during her participation in Erasmus+ Programs. She is fluent in Greek and English and she has a very good knowledge of French. She has worked in the sector of education and also in customer service. Finally, she has done volunteering at an NGO with refugees and at a Youth Organization participating in several events with social impact.

Vasiliki Vogiatzi

Project Manager

Andreas Kasartos Mashias

Business Development Consultant

Andreas Kasartos Mashias holds the position of Business Development Consultant with extensive experience in business development, data analytics, and project management. He holds an MBA in Strategic Management from Case Western Reserve University, a BBA in Business Administration from Athens University of Economics and Business, and an MSc in Energy Resource Management from the Cyprus University of Technology. Throughout his career, Andreas has held various positions in different industries, including wholesale, software implementation, and consulting. He has a proven track record of successfully building and maintaining relationships with clients, and continuously assessing market needs. Andreas is proficient in business development, data mining and analysis, GDPR implementation, and inbound and digital marketing. He has also co-founded and managed his own start-up, gaining hands-on experience in market research, pricing, operations, logistics, and finance.

Vanesha Tiffany Pillay is a Marketing and Networking Officer. She holds a BA Honors in Digital Media with a Year in Industry by the University of Leeds, UK. She has ad agency experience as well as in-house, both in the UK and Cyprus. She has worked both with local and global clients and in various market verticals. She has a dedication for creating impactful campaigns and building strong relationships with clients. Additionally, she is passionate in social and cultural matters and volunteers for an initiative that aims to boost social innovation & inclusion through agro-entrepreneurship practices, collaboration and community building.

Vanesha Tiffany Pillay

Marketing and Networking Officer

Alkinoos Tousis

Project Manager

Alkinoos Tousis is a a Project Manager and Researcher. He holds a bachelor’s degree in International and European Studies from the University of Macedonia, specializing in Political Studies and Diplomacy. Additionally, he possesses a master’s degree in International Relations from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, with a focus on International Security. He has significant experience in academic research. During his studies, he completed an internship at the Consular Office of the Embassy of Greece in The Hague, where, among other responsibilities, he honed his communication skills and demonstrated the ability to work in a demanding environment. He is fluent in both Greek and English. Lastly, his previous experience has enabled him to develop personal skills related to collaboration within a multicultural environment.

Irini Iacovidou is a Project Manager and Researcher. She holds an MSc in International Relations and Diplomacy from Leiden University, in the Netherlands and a Bachelor’s degree in History from the University of York in the UK.  Through her professional experience, she has honed her project management skills delivering processes of quality, facilitating, and catering to the needs of the partners and stakeholders for a seamless experience. Throughout her academic experience, she has strived to enhance her research expertise and during her years at Leiden University, Irini has become a published author and editor.


Irini Iacovidou

Project Manager


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