4th We-Europeans Online Course event

4th We-Europeans Online Course event

Few days remaining for our 4th We-Europeans Online Course event “Stay strong and resilient against populism: Developing a new positive narrative”!!


Date: Monday 5 February

Time: 17:00 (GMT +2)


The event aims to offer a comprehensive guide to developing a deeper understanding of populism and its negative effects on society and democratic values. In addition, through this event, participants will learn how to identify credible sources of information and differentiate them from unreliable sources.


All forms of participation are free of charge and underlie high data protection standards. For this reason, registration is required for participation.


As a community member you can join a unique learning experience with our MOOC.

Join our community and gain access to the MOOC by registering: https://we-europeans.eu/register/



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