Scheme 4.1: Investments that improve the overall performance and sustainability of the agricultural and livestock holdings

The overall objective of this scheme is to improve the competitiveness of agricultural products and the improvement of technology and mechanization of production in livestock holdings. Also the modernization and environmental upgrading of pig farms, dairy farms, poultry / chicken digest and goat units through investment on infrastructure construction and good environmental management. These investments will respect the Community standards applicable to the specific activity.

The main individual purposes of this scheme are:

  • Modernization of agricultural holdings
  • Improvement and restructuring of production
  • Promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Introduction of new technology
  • Introduction of green technology
  • Reduction of the cost of production
  • Development of new products with high added value
  • Improvement of the product quality
  • Improvement of animal welfare
  • Preservation and creation of job positions especially in rural areas
  • Workers’ safety
  • Improvement and maintenance of natural environment
  • Protection of farms from disasters
  • Protection and rational use of water resources

The scheme is addressed to natural or legal entities active in the field of agriculture and livestock including:

  • Tree Crops
  • vegetables/Potato crops/ Floriculture/Aromatic plants
  • Arable crops
  • Mushroom farming
  • Cattle breeding
  • Sheep/Goat breeding
  • Pig breeding
  • Poultry
  • Rabbit breeding
  • Beekeeping

The eligible costs related to the above sectors / product areas fall into the following categories of expenditure are:

  • construction or improvement of buildings and premises
  • purchase of new machinery and equipment
  • the purchase / installation of equipment on photovoltaic power systems (Net Metering Systems, autoproducers Systems and Autonomous Systems include autonomous water pumping systems), to meet the energy needs of the farm
  • land reclamation interventions
  • improved irrigation systems including the head of systems, automation and water consumption meter
  • overheads such as architects, engineers and consultants

It is noted that the actions covered by the national viticulture Support Programme 2014-2018 and concern the prop and construction drystone walling structures in the wine vineyards are not eligible under the scheme.

The following are NOT eligible for investment support for:

  • Purchase of buildings
  • The purchase of used machinery and used equipment
  • The purchase of agricultural production rights, land, payment entitlements, animals, annual plants and their planting
  • Costs related to the purchase and planting of annual plants
  • Value Added Tax (VAT)
  • The labor exploitation and family work. All machines should have frame number (serial number) o which appear on the invoice. Machines that will not bring chassis number are not eligible.

The level of assistance varies from 40% to 70% and varies per beneficiary and investment area. The aid ceiling per farm for the whole period of the Scheme 4.1 to 2014 Rural Development Plan – 2020 down to € 400.000 (€ 600.000 for young farmers participating in the measure 6.1).


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