The overall objective of this scheme is the provision of incentives for the for the reduction of aging and their “succession” within the rural population.

The main individual purposes of this scheme are:
• The transfer of agricultural properties to younger farmers
• Increase in the size of agricultural holdings and improvement of their competitiveness
• Increase in productivity and the enhancement of competitiveness of agricultural products
• Age-renewal of rural population
• Ensuring adequate income for retirees from farming
• Limitation of urbanization
• Preventing desertification of the countryside

This scheme is addressed to natural or legal entities active in the field of Agriculture and Livestock and is directly linked to scheme 1.2 (First Installment for New Farmers) including:

• Tree Crops
• Vegetables/Potato Crops/Floriculture/Aromatic Plants
• Arable crops
• Mushroom farming
• Cattle breeding
• Sheep/Goat breeding
• Pig breeding
• Poultry/Rabbit breeding
• Beekeeping
• Fencing of crops to protect them from mouflons

Eligible Expenditure Financing :

• Early retirement of farmers

The amount of funding is:

• € 850 per month for a maximum duration of 15 years
• It will not exceed €10.200 per year
• The total funding per retired person may not exceed €153.000

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