The scheme is in regard of the incentive for hiring people with disabilities in the Private Sector and in Local Authorities.

A financial assistance of 75% is provided, based on the annual wage costs of the employee, with a maximum of €15.000 per person per year, for the first 24 months of employment.

Additionaly, there is provided financial support of the volume of 25% on eligible costs, with a maximum of €5.000 per person, for the construction of facilities or the appropriate adjustment of premises or the purchase of machinery/ office equipment, or wage costs for employing personnel solely for the assistance of employees with disabilities, or even in cases where the beneficiary provides sheltered employment for any costs of administration and transportation, which derive directly from the employment of people with disabilities.

The purpose of the scheme is to encourage employers to hire people with disabilities.

The following employers are entitled to participate: 

a. They were not aided financially in any way in the past, in order to be encouraged to employ that person before.
b. They hire a person with disabilities aged 15 and over who is a citizen of the Republic of Cyprus or any other EU member country, or from another country outside the EU and is legally residing within Cyprus, and has a permanent residence in an area which is under the jurisdiction of the Cypriot Government  for at least 12 consecutive months.
c. They hire a person with disabilities who is affected by significant reduction of employability in the labor market and may only be able to practice certain subsistence occupations.

Attention!!! Hiring should not take place prior to the date of the application for participation in the scheme.

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