Breathe the future – hybrid education in VET (hVET)

Breathe the future – hybrid education in VET

Project aim:

At the heart of the hVET project lies a collaborative and innovative educational approach based on a variation of a hybrid teaching model (blend of physical and virtual learning) applicable in the VET sector. The main objective of the hVET project is to prepare VET schools for the new, post-pandemic education by creating, testing and implementing a variation of a hybrid teaching model with a set of tailored tools, resources, materials for VET teachers, trainers, practitioners and students.



  1. To create, test and implement a variation of hybrid model in VET schools.
  2. To support the effective transition of VET systems to the digital age through provision of innovative teaching and learning solutions.
  3. To increase inclusion and accessibility in hybrid setting, paying special attention to individuals from disadvantaged groups (digital exclusion, economic obstacles, rural areas).
  4. To encourage innovation, creativity in VET.
  5. The development of professional skills for modern VET teachers – boosting students’ engagement in online learning, development of self-motivation in learning.
  6. To strengthen cooperation between VET schools and stakeholders across project countries in order to stir innovation and ensure continuity of education regardless of circumstances, promoting flexible learning approaches.


Duration: 01/05/2022 – 30/11/2024

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