EventApe S.E.T Protocol – an Autonomous Interoperable BlockChain system that aims to create transparent, secure and efficient smart ticketing contracts

The goal of S.E.T. Protocol poject is to bring to the forefront the notion of interoperability for BlockChain system, focused on the ticketing industry. The project aims to create an open ticketing ecosystem where all parties in the ticketing supply chain can work together with more control, more internal operational transparency, and more security. By doing so, the global issue of the ticket secondary market will be solved.

“It has been reported that within the secondary ticket sale market (worth around 15 USD billions) tickets can be expensive, fake, duplicate or counterfeit and as a result, this provides negative feedback to the event organizers and the content creators”. S.E.T. Protocol project will design and develop an Ecosystem for interoperable BlockChain, using the design philosophy of the Internet Architecture as the basis for identifying key design principles. All challenges faced in the design of interoperable BlockChain architecture will be identified and approached efficiently.

The overall goal of the S.E.T. Protocol project is to develop a design philosophy of a blueprint model for interoperable BlockChain system which can be applied to various industries. The benefits for the primary target groups of the project will be:

(a) for the event organizers / content creators; more revenues, better control of ticket inventory, transparent and secure transactions, ability to set complex ticket rules, lower financial risk, in-depth insights to better understand their audience, better pricing strategy, and

(b) for the fans / attendees: fair ticket prices, easily finding tickets to their favourite events, no more fake / void / duplicate tickets, ability to release the ticket in the marketplace if attendance is impossible, no hidden transaction costs, secure transactions, special benefits form the event organizers of their favourite event creators.

The project results will be available in both GR and EN language thus will be developed in such a way so as to be flexible and adjustable in other contexts and EU countries in the future.

S.E.T. Protocol project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the Republic of Cyprus through the Research Promotion Foundation. Two Cypriot enterprises are composing the partnership scheme; Eurosuccess Consulting (project coordinator) and SmartApe Solutions Ltd.

Duration: 01/04/2019 – 31/03/2021

For more information please visit the project website: www.setprotocol.eu


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