DIGIPRO- Digital Tools for Digital Challenges

Eurosuccess Consulting coordinates the DIGIPRO – Digital Tools for Digital Challenges Erasmus+ project, a response to the increasing use of digital technologies in children which often exposes them to cyberbullying and hate-speech. The aim of the project is to contribute in tackling such toxic phenomena by using digital tools, by listening to the point of view of the children, by promoting co-education and creating an alliance among schools, families and other institutions.

The main objectives of the project are to:

  1. To find ways of collaboration and create a space for dialogue between teachers, parents and children that can facilitate the resolution of harmful or dangerous situations online
  2. To listen to the point of view of children, enabling them as EU citizens and creating a space to debate and reflect on the project topics
  3. To experiment with participatory tools and methodologies that promote a new relationship with the media and technologies
  4. To produce digital tools and online methodology that can contribute to the reduction of cyberbullying and hate speech phenomena
  5. To develop the competences of teachers and support them in becoming facilitators of innovative digital educational paths
  6. To foster the inclusion of all learners, meeting their diverse needs

Project results:

  1. Documentary with interviews of children explaining to teachers and parents their point of view about cyberbullying and hate speech.
  2. Cartoon created in cooperation of children, parents, teachers and project partners.
  3. App with activities and games to be carried out in the family and at school.
  4. Online methodology for teachers who wish to set up a co-educational relationship with families of children in the class: it will contain materials to be downloaded to facilitate meaningful educational experiences using the documentary, cartoon and app created in the context of this project.

The project consortium is composed of 5 partners from 4 EU countries: Cyprus (Eurosuccess Consulting; Parent’s Association of Primary Schools in Paphos), Lithuania, Spain and Greece.

Duration: 01/04/2021 – 31/03/2023

For more information, please visit the project’s website www.projectdigipro.eu