Our Organization, as an accredited VET Center from the Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus, organizes subsidized seminars that support development and productivity, as well as the smooth operation of the departments of a company / organization. These seminars can be tailored to the needs of each business / organization in specific areas.


Leadership and Coordination of DepartmentsThe aim of the program is to present tools, techniques and examples to be imitated that will help the Management and Supervisory Executives of a company to better understand their personal management habits and leadership style.
The success of a Family Business in the 21st centuryThe goal of the program is to develop tools that will contribute to greater commitment by family members for the benefit of the company, to organize their business, without involving personal and family issues, to justify themselves and the executives of the company that succession is not just a matter of the male sex. Succession to the daughter is equally the same success rate, etc.
Leadership and Business Change Management during a CrisisThe goal of the program is for participants to relate the two roles of Leader and Manager, which must be taken by whoever leads, especially in times of recession, where situations are more difficult and any mistakes can be fatal. They will also be able to describe the factors that will help them motivate their team to perform as well as possible, under difficult and adverse circumstances (such as financial crisis, pandemic, etc.)
Predicting and Managing Communication Crisis in BusinessesThe program aims to teach participants why there is an increase in the phenomenon of a business crisis and how a trained team can develop prevention opportunities, be able to identify, describe and separate forms of crises as well as classify and classify the elements they identify in priority scales.

Development of Human Resources

High Speed ManagementThe program aims to understand that when there is a management team working with a common perception and a common vision, there is a greater chance of success, by practicing techniques that help a Leader to create and manage a high-efficiency team in understanding of handling various potentials that grow in businesses and affect the effectiveness of a team etc.
Developing leadership skills through awarenessThe ultimate goal of the program is to raise awareness so that trainees can develop into capable, balanced leaders who, through their behavior and decisions, can lead the body/team to increase production and improve its competitiveness.
Supporting the Skills of Vulnerable GroupsThe aim of the program is to present tools, techniques and examples to be imitated that will help the Management, Supervisors and other Executives of a company to identify these people, to understand their circumstances and mode of action and to help them develop their professional skills. to achieve the goal of increasing their own productivity in carrying out their tasks, their departments and their organizations.

Marketing / Sales / Public Relations

Creating Loyal CustomersThe goal of the program is help participants understand and view things from the customer's perspective, to understand that every contact with a customer is a moment of truth, which offers opportunities for customers to prefer our business, instead of another competitive one. In addition, in aims to understand that the relationship with the customer does not end with the sale but continues after the sale.
Attract and Support Foreign InvestorsThe program aims to present tools and methodologies on improving education in the field of attracting and supporting foreign investors. The people who will participate in the training will develop their professional skills and knowledge in order to achieve the goal of increasing their productivity in the performance of their duties.

Digital Skills

Social MediaThe seminar aims to help Marketing and Sales executives understand what Social Networks are and how they can serve them in the Strategies that they adopt.

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