This project seeks to improve the competitiveness of the hotel and similar tourist of the country, by encouraging and supporting investments and interventions aimed at mitigating the limitations of tourism development, such as the seasonality tourist and the one-dimensional Tourism product. It refers to existing enterprises that are registered under the Cyprus Tourism Organization (CTO).

The Scheme aims at:

(a) the development of new products and services concerning special interest tourism in the fields of Conferences and Sports training tourism for football and swimming
(b) supporting investments of existing hotel and tourist accommodation units for the upgrading, modernization and enrichment of their facilities and services mainly for the servicing of seasonal diversified needs and specialties of the winter tourist (wintersun) but also those with special interests
(c) the modernisation and enrichment of premises and facilities of establishments relating to special interest products and accommodation units.

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This Scheme is funding the creation and hosting of a dynamic website and/or the creation and operation of e-commerce which serves as an alternative channel to sell and promote products and services of any business.

Othen than the creation and support of the above, eligible costs are also the purchasing of a computer, printers and/or multifunctional devices and software for the operation and organizing of e-commerce etc.

The funding granted is equal to 50% of the eligible costs.

The strengthening of an enterprises' training infrastructure (conference rooms), designed to meet the training needs of the workforce (employees of the enterprise), in sectors, occupations or areas of priority for the enterprise. At the same time, the company may use the room for any business activities, but an important condition is for the room to be used primarily for the reason stated above.

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The objective of this Scheme is to provide incentives in the form of government funds, to legal entities (companies) who wish to operate in the sector of Agritourism.

Funding Sum: 50% on eligible costs to a maximum of €200.000, either for the original investment or not. For the use of exclusive activities relating to enrichment, the funding amount will reach 60% with the same amount limit.

The right to participate in this scheme have active, registered in Cyprus SMEs, which have, prior to the subsmission of their application, all necessary permits secured (consent, building permission, permission for premises).

Eligible uses of funding: a) Tourist Accomodation (agritourism accomodation, buildings which are classified as «Traditional» and b) small and medium-sized hotel units  (up to 200 beds). Furthermore, restaurants, taverns, traditional coffee shops or other spaces of similar nature, for small-scale users, which qualify for the Scheme. 

Enrichment activities
which are associated with nature, culture, tradition, entertainment, etc. (i.e. Sales Displays of Traditional Products, Traditional Products Workshops/Arts/Workshops of Fine Arts/other occupations, Museum/Exhibit spaces, Cultural and Environmental Themeparks/centers and more).

Eligible Costs: Building projects, salaries for architectural services, civil engineers, and other consultants (surveyors, engineers, etc.) who are directly involved in construction works or financial advisors for the preparation of feasibility studies.

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