The Scheme refers to:

• tourist accommodation (excluding any hotel),
• restaurants,
• taverns,
• traditional cafes and restaurants
• enrichment-related activities related to nature, culture and tradition.

The objectives of the scheme are:

• The encouragement of investments by SMEs for activities aiming at enriching the cultural and environmental elements of rural areas, with an eye to strengthening the employment and enhancing the income of the local residents.
• The conservation and improvement of elements of the character and the originality of the countryside such as the traditional settlements, with an aim to contributing towards an integrated, authentic touristic experience.
• The enhancement of tourism activities in the countryside by means of the creation of new agro-touristic developments.

The eligible interventions for funding are:

- Maintenance / restoration and / or alteration of listed buildings or ancient monuments for the operation of new business activities and for the configuration of their surroundings space.
- Maintenance / restoration and / or conversion preserved buildings or ancient monuments and the configuration of their surrounding space to upgrade existing businesses.

The maximum funding amount is €200.000. The minimum cost of investment is set at €120.000 and the maximum at €800.000.

The total available budget for the current call is €2 million.

Applications are to be received from: 29/10/2018


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