This Scheme aims to encourage investment in wineries. It funds tangible and intangible investments in processing facilities, winery infrastructure and wine trade.

The eligible applicants are:

Companies that produce and / or exclusively market the products partners produce and fall into the following categories:

Category A: Very small, small and medium-sized enterprises which belong to the SME category.

• Category B: Businesses which employ less than 750 employees or with annual turnover below 200 million euros.

 Category C: Businesses which employ more than 750 employees or an annual turnover of over 200 million euros.

Eligible actions relate to all aspects of creating and managing a winery and all relevant activities and are divided into:

• Construction or acquisition of the Winery
• Purchase or lease of NEW equipment and other machinery
• General expenses, such as architects, engineers and experts, costs for the elaboration of studies etc.
• Costs of developing new methods, processes and technologies.

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