Its aim is to increase the integration of digital technology into Small and Medium-sized Enterprises.

The scheme concerns new and existing small and medium-sized enterprises from all economic sectors, excluding fisheries, aquaculture and activities related to the primary production or processing or marketing of agricultural products.

The financial support consists of funding defined eligible costs for the implementation and exploitation of digital upgrading to existing or new small and medium-sized enterprises.

The main objectives of the Scheme are:

- Enhance the digital identity of businesses.

- Increase the amount of small and medium-sized enterprises that use information and communication technologies, including the e-commerce sector.

- Promoting digital entrepreneurship

The funding rate will be 50% of the total eligible budget with a maximum limit of €50 000 for processing and €40 000 for further activities. The specified minimum investment amount is €5 000.

Eligible Costs: The grant is equal to 50% of the following eligible costs (excluding VAT).

2.Off-the-shelf software produced for the mass market
3. Specialized Software, Systems, Programs and IT Services. (Cost Coverage up to 36 months - license & maintenance.)
4.Purchasing Services for other Digital Upgrade costs not directly related to IT Systems

If you are interested in your company's participation in this project and in order to initially evaluate your proposed investment and to see whether it falls under the provisions of the Digital Transformation of Companies, please reply to our short questions by clicking here. Upon completing and submitting this questionnaire, we will contact you as soon as possible to arrange a meeting.

The Scheme falls under the De Minimis rule.

Expected call and start of application submissions: November 2019

Note: Upon procurement of the Scheme, elements of the above provisions may be differentiated

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The Scheme refers to:

• tourist accommodation (excluding any hotel),
• restaurants,
• taverns,
• traditional cafes and restaurants
• enrichment-related activities related to nature, culture and tradition.

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This Scheme aims to encourage investment in wineries. It funds tangible and intangible investments in processing facilities, winery infrastructure and wine trade.

The eligible applicants are:

Companies that produce and / or exclusively market the products partners produce and fall into the following categories:

Category A: Very small, small and medium-sized enterprises which belong to the SME category.

• Category B: Businesses which employ less than 750 employees or with annual turnover below 200 million euros.

 Category C: Businesses which employ more than 750 employees or an annual turnover of over 200 million euros.

Eligible actions relate to all aspects of creating and managing a winery and all relevant activities and are divided into:

• Construction or acquisition of the Winery
• Purchase or lease of NEW equipment and other machinery
• General expenses, such as architects, engineers and experts, costs for the elaboration of studies etc.
• Costs of developing new methods, processes and technologies.

The aim of this scheme is to support new and existing enterprises, which are active in the sector of manufacturing and/or marketing of agricultural and forestry products.

Eligible Expenses: (a) Building and building extensions and premises (Only for very small businesses), (b) New machinery and equipment, (c) Transfer of technical knowledge.

The total amount of the subsidy reaches 40% with a maximum funding sum of  €400.000 for SMEs and €170.000 for very small enterprises. For new farmers, belonging in the category of "very small enterprise" the total funding amount may reach up to €250.000.

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