The WIN on-line: Women In ActioN project aims to empower women e-entrepreneurship, with special focus on unemployed women over 40 years old, who are facing difficulties to enter or re-enter the labour market and want to become e- entrepreneurs. The project will support the individualised needs of this target group, by helping them to create their own e-business according to their needs, priorities and capacity.

The goal of S.E.T. Protocol poject is to bring to the forefront the notion of interoperability for BlockChain system, focused on the ticketing industry. The project aims to create an open ticketing ecosystem where all parties in the ticketing supply chain can work together with more control, more internal operational transparency, and more security. By doing so, the global issue of the ticket secondary market will be solved.


Project “BRANDING Mentoring - Brand building of EU Enterprises through Mentoring” aims to support, mentor and guide new entrepreneurs, self-employed professionals, executives of SMEs, start-ups, scale-ups and members of Chambers of Commerce etc. in regards to cultivating and enhancing their skills and competences related to branding techniques and strategies, marketing of their products and services, and overall extroversion awareness that will lead to successful business results and practices.

The aim of TEA 4 SENIORS is to foster the digital literacy and understanding of the digital world among low-skilled or low-qualified senior citizens and their educators through an effective methodology, so they can improve their capacity to communicate, share, interact, learn and access to up-to-date information in today’s digital world by using ICT devices and internet.