The OpenMakers - Open Data e-learning platform and digital tools for participatory decision making project aims to broaden ICT competences creating sustainable and needs-focused learning patterns, enabling non-profits/public bodies/informal ICT groups to act at local level through open data interpretation and management.


ISSE – Improving Skills of Social Entrepreneurs project aims is to make professionals understand better the social economy sector and to support them by strengthening their managerial skills, professionalism and networking opportunities.

Stand by Me - Social-Ecological approaches for care-leavers inclusion through participatory policymaking project,
aims to bring together all target groups into a collective participatory decision making process for the development of a Working Protocol shaping enabling pathways for children ageing out of alternative care.

Young Women as Social Entrepreneurs, path to better life - WomenPRO project aims to motivate young girls and women leaving in rural areas and remote areas to find employment in their regions by providing them with an integral and holistic training course, tailored to their specific needs.