ATHLISI project aims to develop the professional skills and competencies of the coaches and members of sport clubs in the issue of the promotion of the social role of the sport club and the promotion of social inclusion through sports.

The project is also aiming to prevent intolerance and xenophobia in sports by promoting the integration of diverse communities (immigrants, Roma etc) in the sport clubs and by training the coaches to manage diversity between the sport clubs and manage also the tensions, due to racist or xenophobic incidents, that may appear inside the club. Finally, the project promotes the aims of social inclusion in and through sports through the direct promotion of the participation in the sport clubs of the children that belong in the most disadvantaged parts of the society. Furthermore, ATHLISI is promoting a community approach in the development of the project since the training content will be based on the results of community consultation and much of work will be based on the ABCD (Asset Based Community Development Approach).

Except Eurosuccess, partners from Greece, Italy, Bulgaria and Slovakia are participating in the project consortium.

Duration: 01/05/2016 - 31/10/2017

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