Our aim is to assist juvenile offenders in their preparation for reintegration.
We beleive that lifelong learning and key competences are the best tools we can share with our youngsters in their endeavour of becoming integrated and responsible adults.

So we planned a project where, with the help of teachers and trainers from schools and detention centres, we will assist and coach juvenile offenders in the usage of key competencies to facilitate personal development, employability and participation to further education.

This means:

  • Getting attention on the subject of juvenile reintegration
  • Involving the close community around detention centres
  • Putting the youngsters to work in all project steps

We are a European community of project developers, form both public and private environment, with divers and extensive experience in educational aspects, all connected by one believe: lifelong learning experiences have the power to turn a youngster from crime to community.

From where do we start....

  • Previously developed projects (you can check-out our websites listed on the back for further reading)
  • Need assessment undertaken by each partner
  • European research & indicators in the area

Our immediate goal is to make people learn:

  • Teachers to learn that the key to sucessful reintegration is to share learning experiences with the youngsters
  • Young offenders to learn that they hold both the power and the responsibility
  • Community

After that we expect them to act:

  • Have positive attitudes towards learning and using it as reintegration tool
  • Understand and use their key competencies in all reintergation aspects

Develop and implement further reintegration programs based on MyCOMPASS experience.

On the long run we aim to reach the consequences level:

  • Improve the reintegration rate of juvenile offenders
  • Increase their economic & employment competitiveness

The project consortium except Cyprus (Eurosuccess Consulting), is composed with organizations from Romania, Malta, Portugal and Lithuania.Duration: 01/11/2012 - 31/10/2014

For more information please visit the project website: www.my-compass-project.eu