CHANGING YOUTHstories project aims to foster personal growth, to increase social inclusion and to facilitate professional insertion of young people coming from vulnerable groups, by designing and piloting a framework for case-based diagnose and multimodal intervention that scaffolds the EMPOWERMENT, PARTICIPATION and ACTIVE CITIZENSHIP of these YOUNG PERSONS.

Throughout the project the main focus and attention is placed around 50 YOUNG PEOPLE that are in aggregated difficult and at risk situations. For us DISADVANTAGED YOUTH is a large category, covering various types of situations that negatively influence individuals’ life chances to lead normal lives, to be employable and to realize their potential - migrants/refugees, young people that experienced dropout, or/and with an oppositional behaviour, and/or convicted for a, and/or those who experienced drug addiction. As our approach is systemic and multilevel, we speak of deep, qualitative, holistic engagement with these youth coming from 4 countries.

Except Eurosuccess, partners from Romania, Greece and Italy are participating in the project consortium.

Duration: 01/09/2016 - 31/08/2018