It concerns retailers who employ 1-49 people. It will come as an aid to unemployed people, who are receiving unemployment benefits for at least one month. Τhese individuals will be placed in businesses for a period of one month, for training purposes, while still receiving their unemployment benefits.

The companies that will hire unemployed personnel, will receive a grant of  50% on paid wages, for a period of six months, with a maximum amount of €3.000 per application for employment (total amount of the subsidy), with the obligation of the employer to provide additional non-subsidized occupation to the employee for two months.

The subsidized person should:

a) Be registered as unemployed at the office of the Public Employment Service and receiving unemployment benefit, provided that he/she is entitled, at the date of commencing their practical training, for at least one month’s benefit.

b) Go on a placement for one (1) month aiming their practical tratining (with a duration of at least 25 hours per week)

Eligible to participate in the scheme are employers who:

a) Belong to the retail sector (with an Employer’s Registration Number in the category ΝΑCE 4511, 4519, 4532, 4540, και 4711-4799) and employ between 1-49 people in December of 2013.

b) Had not received any fundings from previous co-financed projects, in the programming period of 2007-2013, for employing the same person who is joining the Scheme.

c) Employ people who belong in the target-group, as defined in the Scheme, of being citizens of the Republic of Cyprus, or of any other EU member country, or of any other third-party country, who legally reside in Cyprus and have the right to freely engage the labor market.

d) Did not fire any employees from 11/12/2013 up until the date of submitting the application. Any staff reductions cannot be justified, unless the post was left unattended following voluntary departure, retirement due to age limitations, or lawful dismissal for disciplinary misconduct.

e) Are not covered by the Enterprises/Employers Scheme, if they hire people who are married or have a first degree relation, either by blood or marriage, to the employer. 

f) Are committed to not make any reduction in personnel during the implementation of the Public Financing Agreement, i.e for a period of eight (8) consecutive months after the end of the practical training.

g) Were not convicted for any offenses relating to the violation of the Ordinance on minimum wages during the past three (3) years, from February 2011, nor for any illegal or undeclared work over the past three (3) years. It is noted that if during the funding period an employer is found to provide occupation to illegal and/or unregistered workers, then in both cases the subsidy will be terminated and any funds that were received up to that point will be returned to the Governing Body, with added interest.

h) The salary of the subsidized person should not be any less than that provided according to the Minimum Wage Ordinance ( 870 euros for eight professions; Clerks, Nursing Assistants, Childcare Assistants, Sales-people, Caregivers, School Assistants, Security guards and Cleaners). Regarding occupations that are not included in the Order, the Governing Body will accept salaries which are in accordance to business/personal contracts.

The declaration of interest can be submitted to the Local and District Labour Offices (Public Employment Service), for the one (1) month of practical training on Monday 24th of February 2014 up until Monday 31st of March 2014. 

The applications (provided that the first month of training is completed) may be completed using the available form on the website of the Department of Labour,and be delivered by Tuesday April 2nd 2014 up until Wednesday  30th of April 2014, through direct submission to any Local and District Labour Offices (Public Employment Service), before the expiration of the above deadline.

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