This temporary scheme is in regard of providing inventives for the occupation of unemployed personnel in the Private Sector.

Financial assistance amounting to 60% of the annual wage cost of an employee is provided, with a maximum of €7.200 for each person over one semester. The subsidy is granted for the first 6 months of employment.

The employer is entitled to occupy the employee for two additional months after the expiration period of the subsidy

The following companies/employers are not entitled to the scheme:

  1. Employers who are engaged in the primary production of agricultural products, employers operating in fisheries and the aquaculture sector, employers active in the coal sector, and insecure firms under the communal guidelines for rescuing and restructuring of such firms
  2. Companies/employes when recruiting people who are considered to be the main shareholders
  3. Self-employed (as employees/workers)
  4. Companies/employes who recruit people with are first or second grade relatives the employer
  5. Firms that have signed cooperation contracts with the Government and/or semi-govenmental organizations over the previous eight months preceding the date of application. This provision only applies to public works contracts and does not apply for supplies or services .

Attention!!! The application should be submitted prior to the registration of the person in the Social Insurance services.

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