GUIDE – Upgrading the skills of professionals for gender sensitive career guidance

GUIDE – Upgrading the skills of professionals for gender sensitive career guidance

This project focuses on the issue of gender and career development and to the continuing barriers to achieving equality of opportunity in this area.  Therefore, this project aims to help Career counselors to move away from biases and stereotypes based on traditional roles of men and women which can limit choices so as to ensure that equal opportunities are offered to both women and men without taping the human talent and resources.


The objectives of the project include:

  1. Support professionals with career guidance responsibilities to check and move away from biases from traditional gender roles which can limit choices and hamper aspirations
  2. Develop gender sensitive career counselling tools for helping women and men to make better career choices
  3. Train career counselors and teachers so as to improve their knowledge regarding gender inequalities in career guidance and become gender conscious
  4. Develop a Toolkit for helping career counselors and teachers to guide women and men equally and without stereotypes


The project’s main results are:

  • The development of a digital tool for identifying stereotypes in career decisions. This will assist Career guidance counsellors (CGP) to explore and identify gender stereotypes and barriers women and men may have and affect their decision regarding their professional career.
  • The development of a digital tool for career decision-making styles which aims to assist professionals with career guidance responsibilities to identify the way individuals make their decisions regarding their professional career.
  • The development of an online training programme in Gender sensitive Career Guidance, aiming to upgrade the skills of professionals in career guidance, so as to be able to identify gender stereotypes which women and men (may) have and implement gender sensitive approaches and tools for helping them to choose their career path.
  • The development of a gender sensitive career guidance toolkit. This will be a step by step guide designed to boost the gender career guidance in HE and other training providers and organisations.  This toolkit will provide the knowledge, skills and values to contribute to the effective implementation of gender sensitive career guidance to its users.


The project consortium consists of nine (9) partners from eight (8) different countries including Cyprus, Denmark, Greece, Portugal, Slovenia, Germany, Netherlands and Spain.

Duration: 01.11.2022 – 31.10.2025

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