OpenMakers – Open Data e-learning platform and digital tools for participatory decision making

The OpenMakers – Open Data e-learning platform and digital tools for participatory decision making project aims to broaden ICT competences creating sustainable and needs-focused learning patterns, enabling non-profits/public bodies/informal ICT groups to act at local level through open data interpretation and management.

The project partners, combining their different expertise, want to ultimately empower different strata of society in becoming their own watchdogs of democracy. Core of the project is an e-learning platform for public makers, used also as e-laboratory to store and incubate local open-data investigative projects while assessing acquired competences.

Main Outputs of the project:

1. Framework for open data learning and digital skills enhancement of public makers & ICT trainers
2. Training material and instructions for trainers to enhance digital literacy and use of open learners’ data,
3. Training material for the target groups (non-profit organizations / public bodies / informal ICT groups);
4. An e-learning platform that will host the educational material, provide a network of exchange and learning for public maker in open data usage, as well as a collaborative platform where platform where ICT personnel and public makers can meet to define working projects.

The project consortium is composed by six specialized partners from six countries. Along with Eurosuccess Consulting (Cyprus), the rest of the partners come from Finland, Italy, Hungary, Turkey and Spain.

Duration: 01/09/2018 – 31/08/2020

For more information please visit the project website:


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