LearnersMot2: Creating a continuous supportive learning environment for the 45+, low-educated and low skilled-adults

LearnersMot2, as a continuation of LearnersMot’s Erasmus+ project, will continue to focus on low-educated and low-skilled older workers as an indirect target group of users and on adult educators as a direct target group, as the ageing of the workforce is one of the main demographic changes in EU countries. For this reason, it is necessary to encourage older people with a low level of education to continue their education. They need to deepen their literacy and numeracy skills, as well as their cultural, communication, social and technological skills to reach a level that allows them to successfully carry out every day personal or professional tasks.

The main objetives of the project are to:

  • To promote continuous motivation aimed at workers with a low level of education and low qualifications.
  • To improve the professional skills of adult educators in order to create a non-formal learning environment
  • To train educators to help their adult learners to:
  • Understand the nature and process of socialisation/technological education
  • Introduce aspects of calculus applied to everyday life
  • Deepen their basic skills needed at work and in everyday life
  • Improve their learning skills

The outputs of the project are:

  1. Development of the conceptual framework, outline and materials for the online course for adult educators
  2. Development of the mobile application for low-educated and low-skilled adults
  3. LearnersMot Gym

The project partnership consists of six organisations from five European countries: Cyprus (EUROSC), Spain (Edensol), Slovenia (Slovenian Third Age University), Slovenia (UPI – ljudska univerza Zalec), Republic of North Macedonia (Republic of Macedonia Goce Delcev State University Stip), Poland (OIC Poland Foundation).

Duration: 01/11/2020 – 31/10/2022


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